Great work never goes out of style

As two brothers, Niklas and Mattis, we founded this company in 2012 because of our commitment to quality and design. Using timeless design and time-honoured craft, we put the best into our work so you can work at your best.

What we do

Every day is different for a modern professional, at work, at home, and on the go. You need the right accessories to support you wherever you are, whatever the occasion. That’s where we come in.

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Leather and materials
Quality speaks for itself

We use full-grain Vachetta leather. This is a vegetable-tanned leather, made with a natural process free of chemicals, creating a supple, natural look that ages beautifully.

Our commitment to materials is true of everything we use. We use solid, brushed brass in our belts and aluminium and polycarbonate components in our suitcases.

Our products are made to last, which is why every one of them comes with a lifetime warranty.

Form follows function

With Mattis’ background in design, we took inspiration from the modernist Scandinavian movement in our aesthetic vision. Our products are crafted around your functionality, nothing is inessential and nothing is out of place.

We report to you

We sell directly to you – no middlemen – allowing us to give you a fair price for fine quality.

If there’s something you want to know or think we can do better, then please get in touch.

By making products that last, we hope that people will buy less frequently and less wastefully, and maybe care a bit more.

– Niklas, Co-founder