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The Rover collection

'to rove' (verb): “travel constantly without a fixed destination”.

The Rover collection pairs innovative, travel-conscious design with traditional elegance. Whether you’re an urban explorer, globetrotter or digital nomad, the perfect companion for your pursuits is waiting.


The City-hopper Backpack and Everyday Backpack boast an abundance of utilitarian features to aid users in navigating busy metropolitan life. Urban explorers and commuters, look no further.

Why nubuck?

Nubuck is what gives the Rover collection its easy-going yet subtly opulent feel.

It has a velvety, brushed surface that is similar to suede, but is far superior in strength. It won’t let you down on the road.


Two different sizes. Multi-purpose use. Whether it’s a brief summer escape or last-minute business trip, the Getaway Weekender offers space and substance. While the Compact Weekender is the stylish day-to-day holdall for simple pursuits.

Tote bags

City-park stroll, office, even a trip to the market — the Anywhere Tote takes pride in its versatility. Hold a day’s worth of essentials and remove them with ease thanks to the unique side-zipper locking system.

Rover bags in action

Tested by rovers, for rovers

Our community has been at the heart of the design process, trialling early prototypes as they journeyed to work or moved across the globe. Their experiences and feedback have shaped both the design and identity of the products.

That’s why we like to consider every bag in the Rover collection a seasoned traveller.